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Customizing clothes for startups from Paris all the way to London

London – the city of the red buses and phone booths, Piccadilly Circus and the good old English breakfast. But London is not only about that! There is also a really big startup scene and many international companies have their headquarters located in the city. We recently had a talk with Ines Sánchez-Castillo, the Head of International Expansion at Kymono, and Julia Bensadoun, the UK Country Manager, to find out more about the company and their expansion to London last year.


Building a bridge between Latin America and Europe

Spain – the country of sun, yummy food, good wine and lovely people. A destination which can be attractive to many foreign investors. But how can you start your business in Spain? Who can you contact for advice and how can you be sure whom to partner with? We had a lovely chat with Gina de Echeona, CEO and founder of Emprende Conmigo, about her newly founded business in Madrid and her experience on opening an office in Spain all by herself.


Innovating the Second Hand Market in Copenhagen

You decided to open an office in Copenhagen and you still have many unanswered questions such as: where should you start? Can you find organizations that can help you out? How easy can you find the information by yourself? How is it to do business with and in the Nordics? To give you an insight, we talked with Tegan Spinner, CEO of Lokalist, about his experience of opening an office in Copenhagen and the challenges he faced.


From the US to The Netherlands: Opening an office in Eindhoven

The city of Eindhoven has grown a lot since Philips was founded in 1891, becoming a major technology hub, with many tech startups and innovation sites. We had a chat with Thermodata CEO, Jenny Samfat, to find out more about the company’s expansion to Eindhoven and how Brainport Development helped them throughout the process.


From India to Finland: Starting a business in Helsinki

You probably heard about Finland’s large number of saunas, the famous aurora borealis and the cool golf club situated on the border of Finland and Sweden. What you might not know though is that Finland is also a dynamic world-class center for business and innovation with plenty of opportunities for foreign investment. To offer you some insight into the Finnish business market, we sat one day with DEFTeam’s founder and CEO Gurpreet Singh and Chief Delivery Officer Kiran Soin.


Disrupting the traditional financing banking activities in Madrid

Thinking of opening an office abroad and still not sure which country to choose? Is Madrid a city of choice? If so, where should you start? Who can you contact? How different is the Spanish business scene? So many questions and yet so little answers. But you are not alone. We were also curious to know more and, luckily, we had the pleasure of interviewing Gregoire de Lestapis, CEO of Lendix Spain, to get more insights on the process and learnings of opening an office in Madrid.


Lighting the world from Canada to France: Kicking off your business in Paris

“It listens. It thinks. It turns music into light.” This is what Nanoleaf states on their website about their Light Panels Rhythm module. From the first encounter with the product, we were mesmerized by it and wanted to know more about the company and the people behind it. Luckily, we had the opportunity to speak with Philippe Delplancke, Managing Director EMEA for Nanoleaf, and learned about the challenges he experienced when opening the office in Paris for the Canadian company.


From Brazil all the way to France: Opening an office in Paris

What does it take to open an office in Paris? What is the best strategy to approach the market? Who can help you out during the process? To give you an insight, we sat down for a talk with Ezequiel Vedana da Rosa, Founder and CEO of Piipee, to find out more on their mission and international growth.


Kick-starting a business in Miami

Connection – one factor which is still really important in our society nowadays. When we heard about WhereBy.Us, we were pretty curious to find out more about what they do and how they are connecting people and cities. Luckily enough, we soon had the opportunity to sit down for a talk with Chris Adamo, the Chief Business Officer of WhereBy.Us to find out more about the company and how they are building up the connections between the cities and the people.


How nGAGE entered the tech HR market in Austin

What does a company from the UK experience when opening an office across the Atlantic? We had a chat with nGAGE’s Group COO Adam Herron to find out more about the expansion of nGAGE, a specialist recruitment company founded in the UK, which just opened its first Texas office in Austin.


Academy Interview: Ferdi Kramer

First in our series of entrepreneur interviews: Ferdi Kramer, founder and partner of Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions in the Netherlands. How has doing business internationally shaped his company? ´You have to have a plan and stick to it.´