Our story

Forglobal is a global network of cities welcoming international business. We started our network in 2017 by building communities in New York, Boston, Amsterdam, and The Hague. We are expanding our network on a continuous basis.

We believe that international business connects people and strengthens local economies

Our platform

Forglobal teams up with city foreign investment agencies, embassies, consulates, and trade organizations that will give your company support in setting up shop abroad. We like to make things easy and will do everything to accelerate your market entry. 

Our cities

All cities welcoming international business are invited to join us and to contribute to a connected world. They present their case and explain what support they will offer your company to get you started. In the city sections you´ll find market info, events, and trade shows to deepen your market knowledge and to build your network. 

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Trusted service providers

Is your company considering international expansion? Forglobal presents local service providers that are verified and eager to work for international business. This will save your company many months in preparation, not to mention the costs of having to fly over while you are doing your research.

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Forglobal Academy

We are proud of our knowledge center presenting articles, white papers, videos, and training about international expansion and your new markets. Try it out and get inspired! Or start building your international network and help fellow entrepreneurs. Sharing useful knowledge is greatly 'appreciated and will add to your reputation. 

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Do you want to be present on a truly international stage? Forglobal is an effective tool in attracting foreign business. Become a member of our international business community. There are three Forglobal memberships to choose from, one of which is for free.

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Our vision

We believe that international business connects people across borders and strengthens local economies. It is an adventure that enriches your personal and professional life. We support entrepreneurs entering this world of opportunities.

Our mission

In just four words: make international expansion easy.

We globally assist small and medium enterprises in finding verified service providers abroad. We also provide them with all necessary information to start a business in new markets.

At the same time, we support local service providers in being found and trusted by foreign companies starting an office abroad.


Forglobal is an independent company. We are currently based in two cities: in Amsterdam in The Netherlands and in New York in the USA. Our HQ is in Amsterdam, in the old center of Amsterdam overlooking the 16th-century Brouwersgracht canal.   



Niels Maasis founder and CEO of Forglobal. Niels worked in international retail in Europe and Asia and studied Industrial Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He is a strong advocate for open economies and global citizenship.

Jacob Willemsenis co-founder and managing director of Forglobal USA. Jacob has a wealth of experience representing small and large companies and assisting them on new markets, in particular in the USA. Jacob has over 15 years of proven global business experience.

Pascal Bleekeris co-founder and CFO of Forglobal. Pascal has solid international experience in scaling companies as Executive Board member, Venture manager within Venture Capital and as Strategy consultant, in particular in EU and China.