About Forglobal

Are you looking to expand your business to another country? Use our international network to speed things up. Find cities and service providers and read up on your new market. Check out our services in the sections below.

Our platform

Forglobal helps entrepreneurs and service providers find and meet one another across borders. Getting to know people is a great way to build trust. Our platform offers various ways to build your personal network and to find reliable business partners abroad.

International network 

The Forglobal community is built on high quality international business relationships. To ensure this quality, we team up with foreign investment agencies, consulates, chambers of commerce, trade organizations, and financial institutions.

We are the go-to destination to get informed about the possibilities and support for market entry. We present  our foreign investment relationships on the Forglobal platform and usually we, too, are part of their online infrastructure.

Services for companies going abroad

Forglobal helps entrepreneurs and service providers find and meet one another across borders. Getting to know people is a great way to build trust. Our platform offers various ways to build your personal network and to find reliable business partners abroad.

Find service providers

Find a local service provider by browsing our cities. Go to our City Page, select a city, and start your search. We rank our service providers and verify them for your convenience. Use our search tool to select on items like service area,  industry focus, company size, and language to create a match. Add interesting business partners to your shortlist.

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Explore our cities

In our city sections you'll find all the information you need to start and operate your business. Find the trade organizations that will support your company. Discover online support tools to get started. Read up on your new market and check out the section on Focus Industries. Connect to organizations from your home country that are there to help you as well.

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Provider ranking

We use fair ranking to provide Forglobal users with the best possible service. Our ranking of companies is based on community trust. Forglobal has three trustbuilding instruments: our verifications, our community recommendations, and our community partnerships.

Verifications. As part of our standard and premium membership, service providers get verified on several objective legal and financial criteria.

Recommendations. Members can be recommended by the Forglobal community. By collecting recommendations, providers demonstrate their leading business reputation.

Trusted partnerships. Members can show their trusted business partners and the nature of their business relation in their company profile.

Our ranking is based on an algorithm that takes all three elements into account. Verifications are leading above trusts and trusted partnership. For trusted partnerships there is a maximum score.

Premium partner promotion

We proactively inform companies searching on our platform for particular services in a city about the Forglobal premium members that would be a good match.

Provider verification

Part of our membership is a service provider verification process. For standard members we check:

  • Number of employees.
  • Company founding date.
  • Address and working e-mail addresses.
  • Existence of locations mentioned.
  • Services offered on Forglobal are offered as well on company website.

For premium members we additionally check:

  • Claims to quality certificates and awards.

  • Financial stability: no credit warning in the database of our credit score provider.

Ranking and verification disclaimer

Rankings and verifications of service providers are solely based on the work procedures and ranking principles of Forglobal. Forglobal business relationships like economic development organizations of cities, consulates, chambers of commerce and trade organizations have no responsibility or liability for the ranking and verification of service providers in the Forglobal service provider directory. 

Although Forglobal makes all reasonable efforts to verify service providers and the accuracy of information regarding memberships, as we also explain in our Terms of Service we cannot and do not warrant the accuracy of such information, nor can you derive any rights from our statement that a service provider is verified. We encourage you to use various means, as well as common sense, to evaluate with whom you are dealing.

Company profiles generated by Forglobal

When building a new city community, Forglobal makes a selection of leading service providers within each business service category. 

We will present these service providers by means of a free company profile to service international companies looking for service providers abroad. This selection is by no means exhaustive and other service providers are welcome to join our new city community!

Service providers that are listed with a profile stating "Company profile generated by Forglobal" are not yet members of our international community. They have no agreement with Forglobal and are not endorsing Forglobal in any way.

If your company prefers not to be listed in a new city community, please send an e-mail to info@forglobal.com and we will remove your profile. If your company wants to sign up as a member, you can register here.