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Spotlight on Urban Tech in Europe

Entrepreneurs and creative thinkers are often the first to spot how to turn an issue into an opportunity. And it turns out that where you live – or where you solve problems – does matter. Those cities that encourage entrepreneurship, that make it easy to bridge the gap between city hall and commerce / startup land are becoming locations for unique approaches. This is especially true during COVID-19. 30 European cities are keen to leverage the opportunities for smart investments.

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Top 5 reasons to Partner with a PEO abroad

Many companies setting up shop abroad are using a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO. A PEO provides payroll, benefits, and HR services. It also frees up valuable time to focus on mission-critical and profitable activities, so you can focus on growing your business. Here are 5 key reasons why you should consider partnering with a PEO abroad.

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International Franchising: Opportunities Abound

As the U.S. economy staggered during the Great Recession, many U.S.-based franchisors began to search for growth opportunities overseas, casting a serious eye on international expansion. And from overseas, foreign-based franchisors saw depressed U.S. real estate prices and increased availability of prime locations as an opportunity to penetrate the U.S. market and establish a beachhead with American consumers.

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The 5 things we’ve lived by to create a truly international business from Day One

If you’re building a startup, you have a LOT of decisions to make early on. Most of them will be wrong and that’s OK. You learn from them and move on. But when it comes to attracting markets beyond your country’s borders, you have to make the right decisions from Day One. This is especially true if your home market is not the United States or any other English speaking country.

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B2B SaaS Internationalization: Ten Top Tips to Prepare Yourself for US Market Entry

For most SaaS businesses in Europe, the US represents the biggest market opportunity and putting a market entry plan in place as soon as you have sufficient evidence of US demand is crucial. The below steps represent some of the considerations you need to make before taking the plunge.

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Forglobal Radio Interview

Our CEO, Niels Maas, had an interview at BNR Newsradio in Amsterdam where he talked about Forglobal and what we do. Check out the recording below for more information (Dutch only)

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8 countries to expand your business to in 2019

You did your research and decided to take your business global. Next step: choosing where to go. At this stage, many questions arise such as: How easy is it to open an office abroad? Is there a market for my product where I want to expand? We got you covered! We put together a small list with recommendations of countries based on factors such as ease of starting and doing business as well as industry and market opportunities that are worth exploring in 2019.

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8 key factors to consider before taking your business internationally

This guide will present you with 8 key factors that you must take into consideration when you are thinking about taking your business internationally: language & cultural barriers; tax, finance and compliance; local competition; technology; beachhead team; build international connections; product/market fit and company readiness.

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How to build trust in international business relationships

Building international business is all about building trusted relationships. With customers, employees, service providers and authorities. This is an introduction to the topic, focussing on building trusted relationships with service providers.

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Feel like Branson

You don’t need to travel the world by air balloon to feel like Richard Branson. Building an international business is a great adventure too: it really enriches your life. Building an international business will definitely help broaden your world. There is no boost like getting up for an early morning run in downtown Budapest or Copenhagen to get to know the feel of the city. Seven personal reasons to open up shop abroad.

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10 reasons to take your business international

There are many reasons to remain a local business. For one, it is probably more easy to keep your organisation focussed and to realize economies of scale. But if you want to build a truly great company, it is a must to go international! Here are 10 reasons why.