Why The Hague

The governmental city of the Netherlands boasts Europe’s largest Security cluster and is better known as the international city of Peace & Justice. The Hague offers your business or organization everything necessary to grow. Access to entrepreneurs, academic networks of researchers and scientists. A vast digital infrastructure, an international community, fiscal facilities and a highly educated population. All this makes us your natural gateway to Europe, your ideal location to invest or expand business on this continent.

The Hague is a vibrant and lively city, voted the 12th best city to live in worldwide

Gateway to Europe

Connectivity is everything in today’s world. Partners, consumers, opinion leaders, policy makers, high potential staff, young and talented people eager to share with you their fresh insights. In WestHolland, you have it all close by.

The Hague thrives thanks to an ideal geographical position in the Western-European delta. We are in the middle of the vast German, French and UK markets with over 500 million consumers within short distance. The Netherlands are in the world's top ten in export volume and it ranks in the world's top twenty for GNP. And, The Netherlands were ranked 2nd by the 2014 World Bank Global Logistics rating. Furthermore, Holland has two airports: Schiphol (the 5th largest in Western Europe) and Rotterdam The Hague International Airport. London, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, are just around the corner.

Digital infrastructure

Early adaptors that we are, the Dutch have enthusiastically welcomed the Internet from day 1. Today, The Netherlands are classified by DHL Global Connectedness 2014 as the most ‘wired’ country in the world. High-speed internet, glass fibre cables, state of the art digital communications systems, an abundance of server parcs and data centres, it’s all here. The Hague offers you the benefits of:

  • One of the largest internet hubs in the world
  • The highest bandwidth speed per internet user in Europe
  • High connectivity penetration
  • High-speed Internet exchange through AMS-IX and NL-IX
  • Reliable broadband and telecom providers
  • A very reliable and efficient energy infrastructure. Downtime is a rare phenomenon in The Netherlands

Access to talent

The Hague offers a vast community of Dutch and international talented people. The Dutch government and the Dutch educational system are as well fully aware of the competitive importance of an eager Dutch work force which is bilingual, curious, flexible and pro-active. This explains why The Netherlands is ranked #2 in the Global Enabling Trade Report. In and around The Hague you can draw talent from the:

  • Leiden University, Campus The Hague
  • Delft University of Technology
  • Webster University, Leiden
  • The Hague University of Professional Education
  • InHolland University of Applied Sciences
  • HS Leiden University of Applied Sciences

In total the region alone has about 70,000 students at any one time, with an average of 10,000 academic graduates per year.

Quality of life

Recently voted the 12th best city to live in worldwide by ECA International, The Hague is a vibrant and lively city. There is often much to do, and it offers an ideal mix of cultural and social activities, combining the facilities and cultural factors of a metropolitan area with outstanding natural beauty. Considered one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands, an impressive third of the total surface area of The Hague is green, including more than 400 hectares of woodland, not to mention a long and varied coastline of beaches and wooded dunes covered by its two seaside resorts: Scheveningen and Kijkduin. No wonder that The Netherlands ranks number 3 in an OECD report on life satisfaction in the developed world, with a life satisfaction score of 7,5.

Focus industries

The Hague is a major center for Not for Profit, Renewable & Smart Energy and Financial & Insurance Services.

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