Why Singapore

An island nation located in the heart of Asia, Singapore’s robust economy, highly-educated workforce, excellent connectivity, and high standard of living offer businesses the ideal landscape to invest with confidence. Below, find out more about how our key strengths can help you grow your business.

Build on Trust

Singapore’s pro-business climate is anchored by our commitment to nurturing innovation, and pursuing responsible growth. With a strong track record across various facets of economic performance, we provide companies the infrastructure, talent and regulatory support necessary to grow their businesses in a competitive world.

#2 most competitive economy in the world

The IMD World Competitiveness rankings is compiled using 260 indicators, which include national employment and trade statistics, as well as results from an expert opinion survey.

#2 in the world for ease of doing business

The World Bank’s Doing Business survey looks at measures such as trading across borders, enforcing contracts, getting credit and paying taxes.

#1 in Asia for intellectual property protection

Singapore ranks 4th globally and 1st in the region for institutional protection of intellectual property in The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.

#1 in Asia for sustainability

The Sustainable Cities Index by Arcadis ranks 100 global cities according to three facets of sustainability: social, environmental and economic.

Invest in Knowledge

As a small nation with scarce natural resources, a highly educated, productive workforce has always played a critical role in the success and sustainability of our economy. With training programmes put in place for every stage of development, we are focused on building up our people to respond to the challenges of the 21st century workplace.

Leverage Our Connectivity


Strategically located at the tip of the Malayan peninsula, Singapore has a long history as a trade and transport hub connecting all corners of the world.


We are also connected to the world through a strong network of international trade agreements, which include 20 implemented Free Trade Agreements with 31 trading partners. 


Moving and doing business within Singapore is easy and seamless with our well-developed transport and digital networks.

Our Way of Life

With sunny weather all year long and a colourful mix of local and global influences, residents of our cosmopolitan city enjoy a first-world standard of living amidst a vibrant cultural landscape. Excellent healthcare, housing and education, plus a rich tapestry of green spaces throughout the city are also what contribute to making Singapore one of the best places in Asia to live and raise a family.

Focus industries

Singapore is a major center for Aerospace, Creative, Marketing & Media, Electrical, Electronics & Optical, Information Technology, Transport & Logistics, Health & Medical, Biotechnology and Business Services.

Learn about our Focus industries.