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About Economic Development Board Singapore

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), a government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for strategies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation, and talent. 

Our mission is to create sustainable economic growth, with vibrant business and good job opportunities for Singapore.

We undertake investment promotion and industry development in the manufacturing and internationally tradeable services sectors. Industries within our purview account for more than a third of Singapore’s annual GDP. Besides facilitating investments, we engage Singapore’s existing base of companies to transform their operations and boost productivity, and to generate growth in adjacent and disruptive areas by growing new businesses out of Singapore.

We work with companies by providing information, connection to partners and access to government incentives for their investments, as well as their transformation and growth initiatives. We also work closely with other Singapore government agencies to constantly improve our pro-business environment, and ensure that our industries are supported by a globally competitive workforce through talent development.

We invest through EDBI in globally competitive businesses to create successful, sustainable industries and to achieve long term shareholder value. Investing since 1991, EDBI is the dedicated corporate investment arm of the EDB, and a global investor in select high growth technology sectors covering Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Emerging Technology (ET), Healthcare (HC) and other strategic industries. As a value creating investor, EDBI assists companies seeking to grow in Asia and globally through Singapore with our patient capital and by leveraging our broad network and expertise.

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How EDB can help

Whether you are considering Singapore as an investment destination, or looking for ways to grow and expand your existing business, our team is happy to provide the assistance you need. Here are our key services.


With deep insights and networks into Singapore’s various industries, we can help you to assess the advantages of setting up here as well as to highlight critical regulations that may be relevant to your business.

Incentives & Schemes

Singapore offers several grants and incentives to eligible companies ranging from grants for research, training, and productivity, to tax incentives for pioneer activities, industrial land-efficiency, or corporate treasury. 


We can connect you with a wider network of government agencies and EDB partners (private companies) who can assist with business incorporation, taxation, legal matters and financial services.

Incentives & Schemes

To develop high-value and substantive economic activities in Singapore, we encourage businesses to upgrade their capabilities or expand the scope of their business operations in Singapore through several incentives and schemes.

Research Incentive Scheme for Companies (RISC)

The Research Incentive Scheme for Companies (RISC) encourages the development of research and development capabilities and technologies through the support of projects in the areas of science and technology. 

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Training Grant for Company (TGC)

The Training Grant for Company (TGC) encourages manpower capability development in applying new technologies, industrial skills and professional know-how through the support of training programmes for companies’ employees.

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Productivity Grant (PG)

The Productivity Grant (PG) encourages firm-level projects which aim at improvements to energy, water, land or labour efficiencies through transformation efforts to enhance companies’ operations or involving adoption of technologies.

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Tax Incentives

Pioneer Certificate Incentive (PC) & Development and Expansion Incentive (DEI)

The Pioneer Certificate Incentive (PC) and the Development and Expansion Incentive (DEI) aim to encourage companies to grow capabilities and conduct new or expanded economic activities in Singapore. Companies that carry out global or regional headquarters (HQ) activities of managing, coordinating and controlling business activities for a group of companies may also apply for the PC or DEI for the HQ activities.

In the Singapore Budget Statement 2017, the Minister for Finance announced the introduction of the Intellectual Property Development Incentive (“IDI”) to encourage the use of intellectual property (“IP”) arising from research and development. Additionally, the scope of two existing incentives, namely the Pioneer Service Companies Incentive (“PC-S”) and the Development and Expansion Incentive (“DEI”) will be amended to exclude IP income.

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Finance & Treasury Centre (FTC) Incentive

The Finance and Treasury Centre (FTC) Incentive aims to encourage companies to grow treasury management capabilities and use Singapore as a base for conducting strategic finance and treasury management activities.

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Land Intensification Allowance (LIA)

The Land Intensification Allowance (LIA) aims to promote the intensification of industrial land use towards more land-efficient and higher value-added activities.

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Aircraft Leasing Scheme (ALS)

The Aircraft Leasing Scheme (ALS) aims to encourage companies to develop aircraft leasing capabilities and grow the aircraft leasing industry in Singapore.

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Companies wishing to enter a foreign market can actively seek out support by the embassy or consulate of their home country in another city. Staff members are ready to help you begin.

Another source of support and information is the bilateral chamber of commerce of your home country. The chamber may assist your company in several ways, including consulting services regarding market research, trade-show assistance, background verification, preparation of market entry plans and business referral services.

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