Focus industries

Singapore’s strong economy attracts and supports a diverse range of industries from aerospace and electronics, to medical technology and the creative industries. With industrial parks serving different clusters across the island, find out more about how we bring the world to our city.


Lauded as the “Aerospace City of the Future”*, Singapore boasts one of Asia’s largest and most diverse eco-systems with over 130 aerospace players. We also host a growing satellite industry with more than 30 firms, which includes leading players like SES and Inmarsat and space start-ups like Astroscale. 

No.1 in Asia for MRO and more

We are Asia’s leading one-stop solutions provider for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) needs, contributing 10% to global MRO output. Anchored by home-grown enterprises and MNC partners, we offer comprehensive nose-to-tail services. Our excellent connectivity and infrastructure also make us a world-class base for aerospace firms’ regional distribution centres.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Singapore’s strengths in MRO, precision engineering and electronics enable MNCs here to manufacture some of the most complex components like avionics computers and engine fan blades, supported by our strong intellectual property regime. We also promote public-private partnerships such as A*STAR’s research consortium with 15 industry leaders, which has conducted over 100 research projects since 2007.

Quality Talent

Our talented workforce is well-trained in hands-on learning environments like Republic Polytechnic’s 1,500sqm aerospace hub, which features real aircrafts and support equipment like flight simulators. In the satellite industry, over 1,000 professionals work on activities across the value chain, from space hardware design and development, to sales and marketing, provision of satellite-based services, and supply chain management.

Creative Industries

Singapore sits at the creative cultural crossroads between East and West, opening doors to the region’s growing consumer base. It hosts regional headquarters for global brands like Louis Vuitton. Top creative companies, like Lucasfilm and Ubisoft have found a home in Singapore. 

The Place to Be

Creative entrepreneurship will be the new engine of growth and disruption. Singapore is an ideal playground for creatives to come together, experiment and win in Asia. One Championship, the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion that is also Asia’s largest sports media property, was conceived, created and based out of Singapore.

The Singapore Brand

Made-in-Singapore products, campaigns and content have been successful exports to the rest of the world. Ubisoft’s Singapore studio has been involved in the globally acclaimed Assassin’s Creed franchise since its second installment. The studio is currently developing the upcoming title Skull & Bones. Singaporean Mark Ong, who goes by the moniker SBTG, has created numerous customised lines of sneakers for brands like Nike, Vans and Puma.

Home of The Digital Natives

The consumer experience has been altered by the digital revolution. Singapore provides a conducive test bed for digital marketing; It has the highest mobile penetration rate in the world and the most active consumers of online video.


Virtually every key gadget today have parts created in Singapore. You most likely own a piece of Singapore’s electronics industry, from Seagate’s hard disk drives and HP Inc’s print heads to Energizer’s iconic batteries. In fact, your smartphone’s 4G connection is probably enabled by RF filters made in Singapore.  Leaders of the electronics industry are also designing the future in Singapore. Our research institutes work with pioneers such as NVIDIA, Infineon, and Micron to push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), and Industry 4.0.  

Rich and Diverse Manufacturing Hub 

Some of the world’s biggest pure-play foundries have manufacturing facilities here, as do many other top outsourced semiconductor assembly and test companies. Beyond semiconductors, Singapore is also a key node in the global supply chain for products ranging from storage and memory products, to microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). These manufacturers are supported by a rich ecosystem of leading materials & equipment and electronics manufacturing services players. Looking ahead, the Electronics Industry Transformation Map (ITM) aims to grow the sector by transforming the current installed base of companies through productivity, automation, and upgrading the manufacturing product mix.

Industry-ready and Innovative Talent

Singapore trains over 13,000 engineers and technicians annually, ensuring a steady stream of talent to the industry. EDB partners companies through various platforms such as the Singapore Industry Scholarships (SgIS), Industry Postgraduate Programme (IPP), and the EDB-NVIDIA Future Talents Program to groom the next generation of foundry engineers, IC designers, and AI talent.

Ready for a “Smart” Future

Electronics form the backbone of AI, enabling devices to see, think, and talk to each other. With Singapore’s Smart Nation 2020 vision, we are committed to partner companies worldwide to design, develop and test-bed new solutions like intelligent homes, AVs, and “lights out”, fully automated factories.

Information Technology

As the digital capital of Asia, Singapore is the preferred base for Information Communications & Technology (ICT) firms. Ranked as the world’s most digitally connected country*, we offer world-class infrastructure, talent, and a vibrant ecosystem of partners. We are working with leading companies to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions to support Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, as well as regional and global markets.

Vibrant ICT ecosystem

Singapore is home to many global technology firms including Google, Facebook, Alibaba, and regional leaders like Garena, Grab, Lazada and Razer. All these firms are part of a rich ecosystem aggregating opportunities for ICT firms to partner with each other and with end user-companies to co-develop commercially viable solutions.

Digitally connected to the region

A broad range of companies are investing in, and taking advantage of Singapore’s ICT infrastructure and connectivity to better serve customers and deliver digital services. These include Visa, whose Singapore transaction processing centre serves both its regional and global networks, and LinkedIn, which set up its first international data centre here to handle all its Asia Pacific traffic.

Strong pipeline of digital talent

Singapore offers a steady stream of industry-ready talent through its schools, which collaborate closely with leading industry players. IBM’s Centre for Blockchain Innovation, for instance, has partnered with the NUS School of Computing to jointly develop a module on financial technology, given the rise of fintech opportunities within Singapore and elsewhere in the region.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Ranked by the World Bank as Asia’s top logistics hub for 10 years in a row, Singapore offers world-class connectivity to the region and beyond. The unprecedented boom in regional cross-border trade and consumption strengthens Singapore’s relevance as a secure, highly efficient logistics and supply chain management hub. 

Regional hub for global players

Today, Singapore is a prime location for major logistics firms, with the top 25 global players conducting operations here. Most of them, like DHL and Schenker, have set up regional or global HQ functions here. We are a base for these firms to anchor major logistics and supply chain operations, specialised capabilities, and conduct innovation activities to provide new supply chain solutions.

Preferred location

Leading manufacturers like Henkel and Infineon base their Supply Chain Control Towers and Distribution Centres in Singapore to orchestrate their regional and global supply chains. They enjoy strong support from our vibrant ecosystem of leading shippers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs), many of whom have innovation hubs here. We also offer a professional talent pool and a robust R&D ecosystem.

World-class connectivity

Home to PSA, the world’s busiest transshipment sea port, and Changi Airport, one of Asia’s largest cargo airports, Singapore helps companies drive speed to the global market through our excellent infrastructure and connectivity. We also offer business connectivity through Asia’s most extensive network of Free Trade Areas, covering 60% of the world’s GDP.

Medical Technology

The Asia Medical Technology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% and is projected to overtake the EU as the second largest market globally by 2020. Singapore is strategically placed to enable MedTech companies to tap into these regional opportunities. Today, Singapore is home to more than 60 multinational MedTech companies undertaking a range of activities from regional headquarters and manufacturing, to research and development. 

High-Value MedTech Manufacturing Base

Singapore is a critical manufacturing base producing a diverse range of medical technology products from implantable pacemakers, to contact lenses and life science instruments for global markets. Companies leverage on Singapore’s strong design and engineering capabilities, base of automation suppliers and high quality assurance standards to undertake the manufacturing of high-value medical products.

Innovative R&D Ecosystem

Singapore’s network of top universities, research institutions and innovative start-ups enable MedTech companies to tap on a vibrant open innovation ecosystem. With a strong presence of more than 25 R&D centres established by multinational MedTech companies and a local pool of over 220 MedTech start-ups and small-medium enterprises, MedTech companies have increasingly been plugging into this network of innovation, talent and ideas to develop next-generation products and solutions for the region.

Hub for New Business Model Innovation

With the shift toward connected devices, Singapore offers companies a strong base to build new business models around big data and patient-centric care. Our base of design consultancies, data analytics research and applied data analytics talent provide companies the capabilities to develop new go-to-market strategies in Asia.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Singapore’s deep base of skilled talent, strong manufacturing capabilities and thriving research ecosystem have drawn pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to set up here to serve patients from around the globe, and connect with the growing Asian market.  

Leading commercial hub

As a leading biomedical sciences hub at the heart of Asia, Singapore is the choice location for companies to develop and produce new products that better meet Asia’s healthcare needs. Companies benefit from our pro-business environment, infrastructure, talent and innovation ecosystem, as well as our proximity to the rest of Asia.

World-class manufacturing capabilities

Singapore is a leading location for best-in-class manufacturing plants, where innovative products are launched and produced. Industry leaders like Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi, AbbVie and Amgen have global manufacturing hubs in Singapore for a wide range of products including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, drug products and biologics drug substances. Since 2014, we have also partnered the industry to develop new talent training programmes.

Innovation ecosystem

Even as drug discovery and development models evolve amid regulatory changes and challenging R&D productivity, our extensive and integrated research ecosystem continues to deliver impact and value to pharmaceutical companies. Here, firms can forge partnerships with key opinion leaders, institutes, emerging biotechs, as well as clinical and contract research organisations to rapidly advance pipeline assets.

Business Services

Singapore is a regional hub of choice for professional services firms, offering a cosmopolitan workforce and trusted regulatory framework. Our thought leadership in innovative solutions attuned to Asian needs is built on a vibrant base of consulting, accounting, law and marketing firms. 

Diversified business environment

Singapore consistently ranks as one of the world’s easiest places to do business. That’s why so many MNCs set up their regional or global HQ here to mine pan-Asian insights, conduct R&D, and deploy regional strategies. This creates aggregated demand for professional services firms to help MNCs tailor solutions to Asia’s diverse consumer markets and navigate different countries’ commercial systems.

Asian knowledge hub

Singapore was lauded for having Asia’s most protective intellectual property regime by the Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012, while the number of international cases handled by our arbitral institutions more than doubled from 2005 to 2010 (SIAC Annual Report 2011). This ensures a stimulating yet safe environment and for firms and institutions to collaborate on cutting-edge research.

Magnet for talent

Professional services are only as good as their people. Singapore’s highly productive workforce is ranked among the best in the world (Business Environment Risk Intelligence's 2011 Labour Force Evaluation Measure Report). Top firms like PwC are among the biggest employers here, tapping our well-educated, highly-skilled local professionals as well as our pool of global talent and industry experts.