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Invest in Istanbul platform is the official organization founded specifically to consolidate the investment support services in Istanbul. The platform is coordinated by Istanbul Development Agency in partnership with the Governorship of Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Chamber of Industry, aiming to promote Istanbul’s investment opportunities and assist international investors throughout all bureaucratic steps necessary for starting up their businesses in Istanbul.


Consultation Services

Investors from all over the world are informed about business procedures as well as investment opportunities and provided insights into economic outlook in the city.

Our services include general and customized sector based information, such as providing guidance on laws and regulations, setting up business, sector-specific data, state incentives, operational costs and taxation in an effort to help global investors fully comprehend the potential of the city.

Business Facilitation Services

One of our primary duties is to facilitate investor’s works by means of following legal procedures and transactions in order to obtain licences and necessary permissions from public authorities in the name of investor.

It involves assistance with establishing business operations, work and resident permit applications, incentive applications, environmental impact assessment processes, and other relevant licenses. Every phase is handled with a result-oriented approach aimed at facilitating and accelerating bureaucratic procedures from beginning to end.

Our Partners

We carry out our services with the cooperation of prominent partners in the city; among whom there are governmental bodies, local stakeholders and business&trade associations. Find out more about our partners.

Istanbul Development Agency

Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) is a governmental non-profit organization whose main objective involves accelerating regional development, ensuring sustainability and reducing interregional and intraregional development disparities in accordance with the principles and policies set in the National Development Plan and Programmes through enhancing the cooperation among public sector, private sector and non¬governmental organizations, ensuring the efficient and appropriate utilization of resources and stimulating local potential.

In order to achieve its goals ISTKA prepared its regional development plan in close cooperation with the stakeholders including public sector, private sector, NGOs and universities for the shared future of region. Istanbul regional Development Plan is a guideline that specifies which economic activities should be priority for Istanbul.

ISTKA provides technical and financial assisstance to the projects that contribute to the economic and social development of our region with a view to accomplish the priorities of Istanbul Regional Plan.

Among our mandates investment support and promotion services by means of Investment Support Office is of significant importance. Within this scope, investors from all over the world are informed about business procedures as well as investment opportunities and provided insights into economic outlook in the city.

Governorship of Istanbul

Governorship is responsible for implementing state laws and Governorship of Istanbul is the highest regional authority in the city giving service in various fields. Since, it is the officially highest administrative body, all the sub-governorships and directorates are governed by Governor of Istanbul.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

It is the mission of the Municipality to offer local services to all residents with the understanding of providing an efficient and effective governance with the most up-to-date, equitable, and open to development qualities in order to fulfill our responsibilities in regards to Istanbul, which has been at the meeting point of civilizations, to increase the quality life of its citizens, the consolidation of the city’s unique identity, and to make a meaningful contribution to make it a respected world city.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with its 380 thousand plus members and committees representing 81 distinct sectors, is the largest and most comprehensive business organization in this unique city. A significant stakeholder in Turkey’s economic development, our Chamber has been relentlessly putting in efforts to serve our members by improving their competitive position in both local and international arena, and to carry the brand of Istanbul to ever higher places, for 133 years now. The value added by ICI members corresponds to approximately 36 percent of that of the Turkish industrial sector. ICI members also deliver around 34 percent of the Turkish industrial sector's manufacturing. ICI member companies continue to employ over 15 percent of the Turkish industrial sector workers (registered and unregistered employment).

Istanbul Chamber of Industry

Istanbul Chamber of Industry, whose main pillar of strength is its members' contribution to national economy since its inception, is the largest chamber of industry in Turkey and one of the strongest representatives of the Turkish industry.

Supporting Institutions

Provincial Directorate of Migration Management

The Directorate General of Migration Management has been established under the Ministry of Interior Affairs with a view to implement policies and strategies related to migration; ensure coordination between the related agencies and organizations in these matters; carry out the tasks and procedures related to foreigners’ entry into, stay in, exit and removal from Turkey, international protection, temporary protection and protection of victims of human trafficking.

Istanbul Tax Office

The Revenue Administration was founded in order to carry out revenue policy with justice and impartiality; to collect taxes and other revenues with the least cost; to ensure voluntary compliance of taxpayers; to provide high quality services by protecting taxpayers’ rights and, to take necessary measures in order to ensure that taxpayers implement their obligations easily, to work with the respect to main principles of transparency, accountability, participation, productivity, effectiveness, and customer focused organization.

Provincial Directorate of Social Security Institution

Social Security Institution is established with the objective of the realization of a social security system at the contemporary standards that will provide individuals with social insurance and universal health insurance, based on the principles of social insurance, effective, equitable, easily accessible, actuarial and sustainable in financial terms.

Provincial Directorate of Turkish Labor Agency

In accordance with the needs of labour market; providing the service of job and employee agency effectively; enabling, maintaining, developing, diversifying the employment and providing a temporal income support to people who have lost their jobs via implementation of active labour market policies aimed at enhancing the employability of workforce.


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Another source of support and information is the bilateral chamber of commerce of your home country. The chamber may assist your company in several ways, including consulting services regarding market research, trade-show assistance, background verification, preparation of market entry plans and business referral services.

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