Why Eindhoven

In Brainport Eindhoven the most complex high tech systems and system parts in the world are designed, developed and integrated at utmost precision and accuracy, at a subnano-level. Brainport Eindhoven has defined Dutch international competitiveness and the country’s innovative strength for years and has received many prestigious international awards.

Brainport Eindhoven is  a world-class high tech region with exceptional innovative strength

Brainport Eindhoven

Brainport Eindhoven is home to renown multinational companies like Philips, ASML (world’s largest chipmachine manufacturer), Bosch, Canon, Siemens and Shimano.

Choosing for Brainport Eindhoven

In choosing for Brainport Eindhoven you choose to join a complete and unique technology ecosystem that consists of OEM’s, SME’s (suppliers) and knowledge institutes that cooperate closely and have access to physical and fiscal facilities for cost-efficient development. Because of this joint innovation Brainport companies are able to market their products, parts or systems within a considerably shorter period of time at competitive costs.

A high ease of doing business

In Brainport Eindhoven R&D companies find all ingredients they need for doing business development successfully. The region is known for its close cooperation, open supply chain networks, easy accessible research platforms and joint innovation. 

High-tech clusters, networks, numerous events on all sorts of technology topics and campuses for companies and specific technologies and an economic development agency that introduces you to the region and the right networks make doing business development easy. 

Moreover, Brainport Eindhoven is strategically located in Europe, has the second largest Dutch airport, has a highly educated, multi-langual workforce, a thriving and growing international community and offers all facilities needed for a high quality of life.

Focus industries

Eindhoven is a major center for Energy & Environment, Automotive, Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Health & Medical and Information Technology.

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