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Madrid is the place to be and the Invest in Madrid team is eager to assist you through the setting up process. Are you interested in starting a business in Madrid? You can contact Invest in Madrid for business development in Madrid to answer your questions and get started.


Invest in Madrid is a joint initiative on the part of the Government of Madrid and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, which is rendering services as an investment promotion agency.Our mission is to attract foreign investment to the region of Madrid.

We are attracting new foreign investment projects by promoting and supporting their process of setting up business in the region of Madrid. Consolidating, maintaining and further increasing the investment already made in this region. Facilitating strategic collaborations among foreign and local Madrid companies. Promoting Madrid’s image as an attractive location for investing.


·         Accuracy, fairness, reliability, confidentiality;

·         Proactivity in the uptake of projects and customers;

·         Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement;

·         Public service with minimum cost to the taxpayer;

·         Commitment with the competitiveness of the business community in the Madrid Region;

·         Strive to boost the international image of the Madrid Region;


Services for new investors

  • Strategy-related consultancy
  • Pinpointing business prospects in Madrid.
  • Tailored reports to meet client needs.
  • Advice on applicable aid and incentives.
  • Speeding up the process of setting up a business
  • Scouting for offices and industrial space.
  • Setting up a business in Spain.
  • Introduction to professional services companies in Spain.
  • Accompanying clients with and through the Public Administrations
  • Liaising with the industrial, regulatory/planning and funding entities in the Public Administrations.

Services for well-established innovators

Strategy-related support

  • Contacts with the Government regarding policies which have a bearing on Company business.
  • Information and counselling on the regulatory framework, plus whichever legislative changes may have a bearing thereon.
  • Facilitating relations with centres of excellence (i.e. universities) and possible local partners in their field of business or opportunities for cooperation, merger and acquisition.

Operating support

  • Support arguments of the Madrid branch in favour of new investments by the head office.
  • Support in matters related to the different institutions within the Public Administration.
  • Access to the best resources to be found in Madrid, as well as support for the Company’s own projects.
  • Information on incentives and aid (national,regional and local).
  • Support for finding and retaining qualified labour.

Services for capital investors


Deal origination as per your investment strategy. Targets are pre-screened to ensure the viability and growth potential of the business model and the management team and their commitment.

Investors & advisers

Hunt for peer investors (for co-investment or secondary deals) and professional advisers – per track record and the investor’s investment interests.

Agenda and meeting space

Organisation of meetings with possible target companies, co-investors, professional advisers or key sector players – per the investor’s particular interests.
Meeting space in the Invest in Madrid premises.


  • Fundraising in Spain.
  • Target companies.
  • Spanish PE & VC industry and related up-coming events.
  • Spanish economy.
  • Applicable regulatory framework.


  • Pinpointing business prospects in Madrid.
  • Information on administrative procedures.
  • Scouting for office space.
  • Support in recruiting qualified staff.
  • Introduction to professional services companies in Spain.
  • Guidance on aspects concerning foreign residency & housing.


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Home Country Support

Companies wishing to enter a foreign market can actively seek out support by the embassy or consulate of their home country in another city. Staff members are ready to help you begin.

Another source of support and information is the bilateral chamber of commerce of your home country. The chamber may assist your company in several ways, including consulting services regarding market research, trade-show assistance, background verification, preparation of market entry plans and business referral services.

Find your Embassy / Consulate or Chamber of commerce for this city.