Focus industries

Madrid has a wide range of key sectors and focus industries. This is one of the main reasons a lot of companies decide to expand their business to the capitol of Spain. Find out more about everything Madrid has to offer below!



  • 54.448 employees
  • 10% revenue invested in R&D
  • 3 times more productive than the Spanish average 
  • 83% of total revenue.


  1. Space sector
  2. Defense sector
  3. Aeronautic sector



  • 300.000 employees
  • 10% of total GDP
  • 20.565 companies
  • 45 billion euro in exports

Bio Pharma


  • 43 Spanish companies in 39 countries
  • 10.4% of total GDP
  • 953 million euros in R&D
  • 628 companies
  • 25% of national companies are established in Madrid
  • 18 of top 25 companies worldwide are located in Madrid
  • > 10.500 employees in Madrid
  • Export rate of 48.9% in comparison to the rest of Spain


The ICT sector´s demand for a talented workforce will continue to grow and Spain, more specifically Madrid, is prepared to supply. Overall, the Spanish higher-level education levels far exceed the EU average and as of 2013, Spanish graduates were the most overqualified for their Jobs. In the area of ICT, almost every graduate has been able to gain sure employment very quickly and meet the demand for engineers, programmers, etc. Currently the average gross annual income for ICT workers between 30,000-60,000 with Madrid and Barcelona offering more than half of the available positions.


  • almost 430.000 employees 
  • 8.6% of total GDP
  • more than 30.000 companies 
  • 4.2% of the total FDI

Real Estate

International investors continue to see great value in the Spanish real estate market as prices continue to increase, signaling the push for higher returns on investments. Improving prices and inflation, along with satisfaction rate and drastically improving GDP, makes Spain an ideal location for real estate investment.

A study done by Cushman & Wakefield showed that the interest in Spain, specifically the Madrid market, continues to increase. Showing one of the highest loan-to-value ratios versus comparable cities and one of the largest margins of return in Europe, Madrid hosts one of the largest real estate markets in Europe and is expected to remain strongly competitive in the future.

Facts & Figures

  • Housing Market in Spain. Transactions value: 60.8 billion € (2016) and 73.8 billion€ (2017).
  •  Tertiary Market (Commercial, Industrial & logistics). Transactions value:  8.7 billion€ (2016) and
    11.4 billion€ (2017).
  • Madrid is 5th most active market in Europe (Real Capital Analytics, October 2017). 
  • Madrid is 5th most attractive market in Europe (The 30 most attractive cities for real estate investors, PWC “Emerging Trends in Real Estate, Europe 2018"). 

Urban Development Projects

Castellana Norte District

Paseo de la Castellana, will be enlarged 3.7 kmtowards North. Infrastructure renovation, 17,000 houses, skyscrapers, parks, officesand a technological center are expected.

Plaza de Canalejas

Almost a block of buildings is under restoration to host in2017 the first Four Seasons hotel in Madrid, luxury apartments and a shopping center.The urban renovation process is having a big impact on the surrounding area

Plaza de Espana Refurbishment

5 new hotels are under construction.BARAKA group h is planning the restoration of Edificio España, which was once thefirst skyscraper in E



  • 68 million tourists (in 2015)
  • Most competitive tourism sector in the world
  • Spain ranks 3rd in earnings and touristic arrivals