Why Halifax

Halifax ranks 6th out of 108 mature markets for overall business competitiveness, offering companies one of the most educated, cost effective and loyal workforces in North America. Global talent enjoys Halifax's excellent affordable East coast lifestyle.

Halifax is a gateway for moving goods and people in and out of North America and doing business across European, North American and Caribbean time zones. The city's strong economy is supporting over $150B CAD in major projects and developments in Eastern Canada.


Halifax has one of the most educated and loyal workforces in North America - 70% have post-secondary education with an average job tenure more than double the U.S.

Halifax’s 7 post-secondary institutions attract 37K+ students a year from around the globe, providing a steady stream of talent for knowledge-based industries

Halifax welcomes thousands of immigrants, international students and young professionals every year

FDI Intelligence ranks Halifax in the Top 10 Mid-sized American Cities of the Future for Human Capital and Lifestyle


Halifax is a global gateway for moving goods in and out of North America, traveling to and from international destinations and delivering services across Europe, North American and Caribbean time zones.

Halifax is the first Canadian port from Europe, connecting trade to 150 countries worldwide.

Halifax is two hours closer geographically by air to Europe than any other major North American destination.


Halifax offers significant cost advantages over other global cities. Halifax ranks 6th out of 108 mature markets for overall business competitiveness

Halifax offers global companies downtown office space for $22.18 US per sq foot, well below major North American cities

Focus industries

Halifax is a major center for Information Technology, Financial & Insurance Services, Marine & Harbour, Transport & Logistics, Aerospace and Oil & Gas.

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