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Invest in Bogota is the investment promotion agency for Bogota, a public-private partnership between the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Bogota City Government.

Our mission is to support investors that are exploring opportunities in Bogota. In 2009 we were ranked as the top non-OECD investment promotion agency in the world by the World Bank.

We have a multidisciplinary team with sector-specific expertise, which allows us to provide prospective investors with value-added advice and information.  


We offer, free of charge, and in absolute confidentiality, services for investors during each stage of their investment process.

Exploratory Phase

  • General, sector, and company-specific information.
  • Coordination of fact-finding visits to Bogota.
  • Meetings with government and regulatory authorities.
  • Visits to existing investors.
  • Meetings with professional service firms.
  • Meetings with educational and training institutions.

Start-Up Phase

  • Advice during start-up.
  • Support with permits and regulations.
  • Contacts with potential suppliers, clients or partners.

Operational Phase

  • Follow up with your company's development.
  • Support for reinvestment-related activities.
  • Networking with other companies.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the business climate.


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Bogotá, Colombia.

Home Country Support

Companies wishing to enter a foreign market can actively seek out support by the embassy or consulate of their home country in another city. Staff members are ready to help you begin.

Another source of support and information is the bilateral chamber of commerce of your home country. The chamber may assist your company in several ways, including consulting services regarding market research, trade-show assistance, background verification, preparation of market entry plans and business referral services.

Find your Embassy / Consulate or Chamber of commerce for this city.