Focus industries

As a service and innovation-oriented economy, Auckland has developed a core of specialist manufacturing industries and a talented, globally focused service sector. 

The following eight sectors play a key role in Auckland's economy:

Food and beverage
Commercial services
International education

Auckland Technology Opportunities

Auckland is a technology and innovation hub with a range of investment opportunities across a variety of tech disciplines.

Why invest in Auckland's technology sector?

High-growth companies

Many leading software companies are based in, or originated from, Auckland. Many have usedhighly scalable business models and have gone on to financial (and global) success.

Globally focused and resourceful

Because of Auckland’s small domestic market, our technology companies look at the bigger picture from day one. We’re also good at making the best use of the resources we have, which makes us highly economical and efficient.

World-class design capabilities

Auckland’s software developers and designers lead the world in their creative thinking and originality. The broad nature of the work in Auckland means that employees tend to be generalists and typically work in smaller development teams, leading to faster response times.

Strong technology ecosystem and world class precinct

Of all New Zealand ICT companies, 58 per cent are in Auckland. This is in part due to government and investor networks who are supporting the sector and helping build technology hubs, incubators and accelerators, such as the GridAKLinnovation precinct at Wynyard Quarter. 

Diverse research opportunities

Auckland’s universities and research facilities are completing a wide range of technology research and development.

Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct

As the first of its kind in New Zealand, the innovation precinct in the Wynyard Quarter has been designed to foster clustering and knowledge sharing between ICT and digital companies.

Highly skilled workforce

50,000+ employees in Auckland’s tech sector. Employment growth of 26% since 2012. Five tertiary institutions and a dedicated ICT graduate school to draw talent from.

Auckland's screen & creative sector

Talented people, a great track record, superb locations and world-class infrastructure – Auckland’s screen and creative sector has prime investment potential.

The different industries operating within Auckland’s screen and creative sector include:

  • Film and television production
  • Post production, visual effects and animation
  • Gaming
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR)

New Zealand’s major production hub

New Zealand’s film and television production industry is heavily concentrated in Auckland. In 2016 production and postproduction in Auckland brought in NZD$1 billion in revenue – almost half the revenue generated from the whole screen sector.

Improved incentives and grants

New Zealand’s improved incentive programmesfor film productions have made us even more competitive for international projects. International productions are eligible for a cash grant of 20 per cent of Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure (QNZPE), with the potential to get an extra 5 per cent uplift if the production will bring significant economic benefits to New Zealand. 

The country’s highest industry revenue

In 2016 the Auckland screen industry generated 72 per cent (NZD$2.4 billion) of the total gross revenue for New Zealand’s entire screen sector.

Amazing locations

Auckland’s diverse range of world-class locations offers a unique combination of urban scenes and natural wonders. We’re also the ideal film production hub from which to explore and access other great locations in New Zealand.

High-quality infrastructure

Auckland is home to four fully-resourced production studios, including the new Kumeu Film Studios, and a brand-new augmented reality and virtual reality hub, AR/VR Garage. Almost 1,300 businesses with 7,000 personnel.

The most game developers per capita in the world

New Zealand has the highest number of game developers per capita of any country in the world. As of March 2015 there were more than 570 full-time professional game developers and artists, plus many independent developers. Auckland is home to nearly 70 per cent of all gaming companies in New Zealand.

Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) hub

With the AR/VR market expected to grow from USD$5.2 billion in 2016 to over USD$162 billion in 2020 (a compound annual growth rate of 181.3 per cent), it is the perfect time to invest in AR/VR. Boasting new infrastructure and a pool of talent, Auckland is ready to offer the perfect place for investing in this thriving industry.

Our track record

800 Words (TV series) (2015); Shannara Chronicles (TV series) (2015), Ash vs Evil Dead (TV series) (2015); The Emperor (2012); Spartacus: War of the Damned (TV series) (2010-2013); The Chronicles of Narnia –The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005); The Piano (1993); Xena: Warrior Princess (TV series) (1995-2001); Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV series) (1995-1999)

7 reasons to invest in Auckland's F&B sector

Auckland is known for its meat, wine and dairy industries as well as for functional foods, nutraceuticals and bioactivesresearch.

With 40 per cent of New Zealand’s food and beverage companies located in Auckland, there are plenty of reasons to invest in our region’s food and beverage sector.

1.World-leading F&B producer

As the largest city of a country renowned for its food production, Auckland is a key hub of New Zealand’s food processing industry. Our region processes produce, protein and unique native flora and fauna, grown and sourced locally and from across the country. 

  • 384,000 hectares of rural land in the Auckland region 
  • 2,500+ food and beverage companies in Auckland
  • almost 30,000 employees
  • 25 percent of the total New Zealand F&B manufacturing sector is foreign owned: more than 60 multinational companies have made investments in the New Zealand F&B sector. 

2. Efficient supply chain management

Auckland’s food and beverage supply chain is highly efficient, leading to better food safety, better food availability and supply, and a cost-effective system to take produce from farm to fork. Operators within our supply chains are also highly competitive and frequently look to innovate and add value to the product or service they provide. 

3. Safe and traceable food

Investors can leverage New Zealand’s reputation for exceptionally high standards in food quality and freshness. Free of animal diseases and with strong biosecurity measures, our country is a recognised leader in food safety and produce traceability. 

4.Research and development capabilities

New Zealand spends NZ$500 million each year on agri-food research and has four major universities respected globally for their agri-food research in new fruit varieties, food safety and sustainable land use. Auckland is home to several food research institutes and networks such as Plant and Food, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) and Landcare Research.

5. Food Innovation Network and The FoodBowl– TeIpuKai

New Zealand’s Food Innovation Network is a national collective of science and technology facilities for the food and beverage industry. Auckland’s Food Bowl– TeIpu Kai is part of the network and specialises in processed and fast-moving consumer goods. It features seven state-of the-art process halls that companies can hire out and produce trial runs of new products for domestic and export markets.

6. Investment-ready

Auckland has a large bank of industrial land available for brown- and greenfield site developments in the food and beverage sector. Mostly based in the south of Auckland, the sites provide significant opportunities to build affordable plants in smaller rural communities with access to Auckland’s transport network.  

7. Co-investment with iwiand Māori food producers

Māori and iwifood producers are influential investors in food and beverage ingredient and raw material production. Their skills and knowledge can boost the scale of Auckland-based production companies, as well as provide strategic co-investment capital. 

Māori and iwi investors in food and beverage production include: 

  • Aotearoa Fisheries: the Auckland-based seafood group that is the largest fishery company in New Zealand. 
  • Te Tumu Paeroa: the cornerstone investor in Miraka (a dairy processor) and the administrator of many of New Zealand’s largest dairy, sheep and beef farms. 

Commercial services sector

Auckland is New Zealand’s commercial centre, with all major financial institutions, professional services and leading consultancy firms headquartered in the region. 

New Zealand’s commercial hub

Auckland generates 50 per cent of New Zealand's commercial services GDP and 45 per cent of employment, while 43 per cent of New Zealand's commercial service firms are based in Auckland. 

Since 2012, the Auckland commercial services sector has grown on average 4.2 per cent per annum, adding 19,000 employees in that period.

Key international commercial services companies in Auckland