World Energy Cities Partnership

Established in 1995, the WECP is a non profit organization whose member cities are globally recognized as international energy capitals.

Sharing knowledge. Sharing success.

About our partnership

Our member cities actively seek and develop opportunities to learn, exchange, and engage in activities that strengthen multilateral ties. The WECP is bound by a cooperative agreement signed by the mayors of each city, who serve as board members, is directed by an elected president and vice-president, and is supported by a secretariat office, based in Houston.

The WECP primarily serves to facilitate business-to-business interaction, partnerships in energy-related activities, and the sharing of industry knowledge, contacts, and experiences, while providing a worldwide network of industry support services and resources. The organization facilitates trade missions for local businesses to travel to member cities in order to capitalize on business development opportunities.

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Key priority areas

1. Best practices and exchanges

The WECP facilitates the exchange of best practices between member cities.

Member city delegations exchange trends in energy city developments. Numerous WECP member cities already have well-developed best practices and exchange relationships, from Halifax with Stavanger, to Karamay with Kuala Lumpur, and Houston with Perth.

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2. Sustainability

Because of their shared economic focus, energy cities have a responsibility for cleaner energy and model governance.

The WECP is committed to a future of greener, safer energy, while meeting world energy needs. In 2009, WECP member cities signed the Calgary Climate Change Accord, establishing a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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3. Education 

Education plays a large role in WECP’s commitment to the future of its member cities, and cooperation through educational institutions is a vital component of the linkage between these cities.

This cooperation allows students to form international relationships, develop a skill set needed to succeed in a global economy, and contribute to the energy needs of their home cities.

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4. Economic development

The WECP is committed to helping member cities foster greater connectivity in economic development, and a major focus of the organization is to identify areas of potential cooperation between cities. 

The WECP serves to facilitate business and municipal interaction between member cities. Using a worldwide support network, member cities can easily share industry trends, contacts, and experiences. Municipal governments can also form vital connections with business and private organizations. Energy cities can also exchange delegations, such as the yearly delegations between Stavanger and Aberdeen. The value of connectivity between member cities is a primary advantage of the WECP.

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Become a member?

There are three types of membership available to WECP applicants.

All prospective WECP members and affiliates must submit a letter of intent to a WECP member city requesting the member city’s support and nomination. The member city then submits a letter to the permanent secretariat indicating their intent to nominate the applicant city along with the applicant’s original letter of intent.

For more information contact the WECP. 

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