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Houston is a major center for aerospace, banking, wholesale and retail trade, construction and real estate, energy, engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing.

“Houston is the leading domestic and international center for virtually every segment of the energy industry-exploration, production, transmission, marketing, service, supply, offshore drilling and technology.”

Oil & Gas

Known as the energy capital of the world, Houston holds 40 of the nation’s 135 publicly traded oil and gas exploration and production firms. This includes nine of the top 25 as well as nine subsidiaries of the top 25. 

Houston is also home to the largest offshore technically conference in the world. OTC Week occurs every May in Houston and brings tens of thousands of the leading energy professionals to the city to discuss the latest in energy innovation and technology.

There are $50 billion in petrochemical projects underway in Houston.

In 2015 the Houston MSA held 29.3% of the nation’s jobs in oil and gas extraction and 14.5% in support activities for mining.

Houston is home to more than 500 exploration and production firms, more than 150 pipeline transportation establishments, and hundreds of manufacturers and wholesalers of energy-sector products.

Houston is also becoming a hub for energy research and development with the creation of BP’s Center for High Computing (the World’s Largest Private Super Computer), Dow Chemical’s Texas Innovation Center and Aramco Service’s 60,000 square foot Research and Development Center.

25% of the United States’ refining compacity is held in the Gulf Coast of Houston, which is capable of refining 4.5 million barrels of oil a day.

42% of the United States’ base petrochemical manufacturing capacity is held in Houston.

The Houston metro area encompasses 92 petroleum manufacturing establishments, 535 chemical manufacturing establishments, and 223 plastic manufacturing establishments.


As the first word spoken on the moon, Houston has had a long and fruitful history in the aerospace industry. The home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston maintains its role as a predominant leader in the United States’ aerospace industry. Houston’s aerospace industry encompasses over 150 companies involved in several fields including aircraft or space vehicle manufacturing, space research and technology, and other air transportation support activities.


Houston is the number two top metro in engineers.

Houston is home to 87,500 engineers and architects, more than any other metro area in the United States.

Houston is home to many of the largest international construction and engineering firms in the United States.

Houston holds more than 3,200 engineering and architectural service establishments.


Houston has a variety of products manufactured in its area. “The Houston MSA has more than 6,300 manufacturing establishments. In the third quarter of 2015, there were 1,783 fabricated metal manufactures, 788 machinery manufacturers, 535 chemical manufactures, 330 computer & electronic manufactures, 223 plastic manufacturers, and 2,664 other manufacturers.”

Manufacturing in the U.S. is making a comeback and Houston. The City With No Limits is at the center of this resurgence. From robotics and automated solutions that are revolutionizing the energy industry to NASA-backed technology that is moving life sciences and medical advancements into new frontiers, if it can be made, then Houston can make it. It is the right time, and Houston is the right place for manufacturers to grow and prosper. 

Houston offers new businesses access to 40 million consumers within a 300 mile radius, a strategic location in the central United States as well as along the Gulf Coast and unmatched access to sea, rail, truck and air transportation support.

$80 billion in goods are produced annually in Houston.

Houston has a workforce of 2.9 million, with 240,000 in industrial employment.

Not only is Houston the number one manufacturing city in the U.S., but it is also the number one best metro for STEM workers.

“The Houston MSA employs over 345,000 employees in the health care industry.”


The Houston MSA has 16,544 physicians and 134 hospitals with 20,373 beds.

Houston is home to the world’s largest medical center, the Texas Medical Center. The Texas Medical Center averages 10 million patient encounters per year, has over 106,000 employees, and has $3 billion in construction projects underway. The Texas Medical Center is home to not only the world’s largest children’s hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, but also the world’s largest cancer hospital, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. With over 180,000 annual surgeries, the Texas Medical Center begins a new surgery every three minutes. The Texas Medical Center holds over 9,200 beds and encompasses 50 million developed square feet, making it the 8th largest business district in the United States.

The Texas Medical Center not only holds the world’s premier hospitals, it also is a budding ecosystem for technological innovation.

The Texas Medical Center has 16,000 annual international patient visits.


Houston is home to several labs, innovation centers, accelerators and startups including the Houston Technology Center, Houston Spaceport, TMCx, TMCx+, Biodesign, JLABS at the Texas Medical Center, AT&T Foundry, Fannin Innovation Studios and TMC Innovation Institute.

TMC Innovation Institute: The Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute is comprised of 100,000 square feet of innovation space and has raised $76 million in venture capital funding. The Institute houses TMCx, TMCx+, Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS @ TMC, AT&T Foundry and Biodesign.

TMCx is a four-month program that helps health care entrepreneurs build up their companies in a community environment with unparalleled access to the Texas Medical Center.

TMCx+ is a startup incubator for healthcare startups in the state-of-the-art Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute.

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