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The European metropolitan region of Nuremberg-Erlangen is situated in the heart of Europe and is distinguished by perfect conditions for SMEs and major corporations. From global market leaders to hidden champions and innovation leaders, countless companies and start-ups have set up home here. Besides a strong local sales market with more than 3.5 million inhabitants in the region, the local economy also benefits from the metropolitan region’s unique location: thanks to a superbly developed air, water, rail and road infrastructure, Nuremberg excels as a central business location with a high export ratio of 47%. A number of renowned education and research institutes ensure that an above-average number of highly qualified workers are available in the region and ground-breaking, often disruptive innovations can be developed. Low costs of living and the unique nature also ensure an excellent quality of life making the European metropolitan region of Nuremberg an ideal location for your company.

Why Nuremberg

The metropolitan region of Nuremberg-Erlangen is among the Top 10 strongest economic locations in Germany – the GDP is EUR 118 billion. The roughly 162,000 companies in the region employ about 1.9 million people. The export ratio was 47% and the service sector ratio 61%. Numerous initiatives involving politics, authorities and business provide a business-friendly climate. Besides global corporations such as Adidas or the Schaeffler group, there are also countless SMEs at home in the metropolitan region. Innovative start-ups also benefit from the variety of major corporations and SMEs and ensure that Nuremberg-Erlangen has been able to establish itself as an important location for cross-industry innovations. Besides key focuses on drive technology, individual mobility, logistics, smart traffic systems and railway technology, the metropolitan region is also a digital hub for medical technology. The global corporation Siemens is also represented at locations in Nuremberg, Erlangen, Fürth and Amberg with 44,000 employees.

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