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Mashhad is the center of Khorasan Razavi province in Islamic Republic of Iran. The city is located in North-East of the country and with an area of approximately 351 square kilometers is the second largest city of Iran. Based on the recent census (2016) Mashhad has more than 3 million inhabitants and is the second populous city of Iran and ranks 101 in the world.
Mashhad hosts more than 25 million local and foreign tourists and pilgrims because of the existence of holy shrine of Imam Reza (the eighth Shia Imam). The city enjoys an international airport , railway and three terminals which connect it to the local and international destinations.
Mashhad is located in Khorasan Razavi province which has common border with Turkmenistan and Afghanistan and as the spiritual capital of Iran attracts millions of pilgrims from mostly Islamic and Persian Gulf countries. It caused Mashhad to be a fruitful destination for investment in health tourism, commercial and recreational facilities.

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Why Mashhad

- Mashhad city annually attracts more than 25 million domestic and foreign visitors which makes a high potential market for any business.
- Mashhad is located on the Silk Road functioning as the commercial center of Middle-East, Asia, Europe & Silk Road countries.
- Half of the residential complexes and hotels in Iran are located in Mashhad city.
- The existence of various tourist attractions, natural places, historical and cultural monuments including holy shrine of Imam Reza, tomb of famous poets such as Ferdowsi, Khayyam and Attar, 10% of the country's museums, etc.
- Ranking among top industrial cities in Iran mostly in the fields of food and dairy production, auto-motive industry, complementary and converter industry, cement, tile and ceramic, chinaware, gold, copper, textile and carpet industry.
- Enjoying various minerals such as iron ore, gold, lime, Chromite and silica, decorative stones, copper and plaster.
- The second hub of skilled and semi-skilled work force of Iran
- High resources of Energy, Gas and high potential places talented for establishing wind and solar farm

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Investment services center managed by the governor and Plenipotentiary representatives of all provincial agencies provide free consultation for investors, solve their problems and pursue investors affairs in the least time possible. this center works as a the only place for foreign investors who are interested to start a business in Mashhad as well as other cities of the province.
All the required documents for investors as well as work permit, residency permit, renewing visa and projects licenses are issued in the Center.
Address: No 8- Taleghani 15th-Mollaa Sadra 13th- Ahmad Abad Blvd- Mashhad- Iran
Phone & Fax : +98(51)38470791-5
Post Box: 9176759161

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