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Looking for a place to accelerate your business? Helsinki has got you covered!

Greater Helsinki, the capital region of Finland, is a dynamic world-class center for business and innovation. The region is home to 1.6 million people and a workforce of 860,000 talented people. Situated at the heart of the Baltic Sea Region, Helsinki offers access to a market of 100 million people. International companies highly appreciate the highly skilled workforce available in Helsinki region, as well as its prime location, ease of doing business, culture of fresh thinking and real quality of life.

Why Helsinki

Greater Helsinki is a thriving business hub located in the heart of Baltic Sea Region, next to Russia and only an 8-hour flight away from Beijing and New York. Helsinki has extremely well-functioning business environment, it boasts one of the world’s most talented workforce and has impressive figures to show on investments made in R&D. It’s also a clean, stable and secure region with a very high standard of living and welfare. The Helsinki region outnumbers other Nordic capitals in total amount of FDI projects & cross-border venture and M&A deals. There are over 2,000 foreign owned enterprises employing 172,000 staff and accounting for 30% of the region’s corporate R&D spend.

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Helsinki Business Hub is a vibrant community of business professionals enabling innovative and growth-seeking companies to create success in and around Helsinki. Together with our partners, we work to ensure that Helsinki is the best place in Europe to accelerate your business.

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