to Boston Massachusetts

Are you looking for a United States based location for your international headquarters? Massachusetts is open for business! Invest in Boston or the Metropolitan Area, an innovative global hub for business and industry.

Why Boston Massachusetts

Massachusetts is an excellent place to live, work and visit. The region benefits from a rich history, excellent recreational resources and world-class cultural amenities. The region compares favorably to other major U.S. metropolitan areas when considering nearly every significant quality of life factor. World class health care facilities, excellent public transportation, and a relatively low crime rate are among the region’s many superlatives.

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The Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI) assists foreign companies with establishing and expanding their operations in the Massachusetts area. Committed to facilitating foreign direct investment into the Commonwealth, MOITI acts as a partner, clearinghouse and connector for international businesses looking to locate, expand or invest in Massachusetts.

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Find out everything you need to know about doing business in your new market! Check out this great collection of white papers, articles and presentations about market entry in the Boston.