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Welcome to Antwerp, an atypical metropolis in the heart of Europe. Despite its relatively humble proportions, it boasts the biggest port area in Europe and its vast offering of cultural, professional and culinary delights is enhanced by more than 170 nationalities. Shopping boutiques, museums, start-up hubs, premium hotels, the historical home of Rubens and the world’s biggest diamond trade hub are all within strolling distance of each other. Antwerp embraces heritage and innovation, business and leisure, global ambitions and a genuine concern for nurturing a highly enjoyable quality of life for its temporary and permanent residents.

Why Antwerp

Roads, waterways, air traffic, railways - every major European logistics chain passes through Antwerp. We’re the continent’s best connected city, with office space to spare. Read more about the city and discover why Antwerp will be your next go-to destination for your company.

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Are you interested in starting a business in Antwerp? You can contact this go-to resource for business development in Antwerp to answer your questions and get started. The City of Antwerp offers you customised advice on your business.

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Find out everything you need to know about doing business in your new market! Check out this great collection of white papers, articles and presentations about market entry in the Antwerp.